ASCOMEX is a private company with 100% Romanian capital, registered in 1992 at the Romanian Register of Commerce.
From the beginning the profile of the company was the import/export of the raw materials, industrial equipment and stainless steel (tubes, fittings, flanges).

The industrial equipment we offer from European top producers from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, whose exclusive agency we have for the Romanian market.

The industries we cover:

  • chemical
  • petrochemical
  • printing inks and paints
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • plastics
  • food
  • building materials
  • biotehnologie

and many other.

The applications of the equipment shown on our web page are:

  • mixing and homogenizing of powders
  • solving
  • dispersing solids ( powders ) into liquids
  • mixing and homogenizing of liquids
  • obtaining of dispersions, emulsions, suspensions, aerosils
  • wet milling for reduction of particle size
  • dry milling
  • grinding of solids